World wide family Rainbow Clan, our related,

This schedule is for outside engagements for White Buffalo Calf Woman.
Provided there is an Invitation, with an Elder of a Nation, Gathering or Clan, receiving her and those she walks with.  You must be willing to treat us as a guest, where all our needs will be taken care of.  In return, you will be embraced as the Elders of the World. 
White Buffalo Calf Woman, Holiness Running Eagle and Elders, the house of the beloved are living prayers.  We live on the streets, in a Motor Homes, to help those who have no homes and are without.  Our journey upon the Red Road, the law of love, provides shelter, food and spiritual sustenance to those in need, but mostly we purify everything we touch.  Cleaving to where the Great Spirits lead us!  We provide Angel Services where ever we are, and where Elders have taken their place, around Mother Earth.

The Great Give-A-Way teaches us to RECEIVE.  The Greatest Gift is to "Receive the Love" of your Rainbow Clan family.  Gathering is the way homeward, treating our meetings with each other Sacred Religious Rites of the Story Telling Stories of the Star languages.  I am your Iyeshka or Interpreter to all your questions.  Knock and the door will open.  Ask you and shall receive!

The number of events all depends on the ability for others to gift, meaning you.  In the past, machine power was the industry, now man power is the industry "where brotherhood lives".  We give services away and provide Elders who can manage arenas of many applications.  We extend family relations to those who gift to us. For it is the Great Give-A-Way that will lead us homeward.

We Elders receive no monies for any of our contributions, but receive gifts from the Great Spirits, for all we need.  We are the sacred circle who steps into the Blue of you and me, the reflection of our light beings into our reality of our dreams.  Creation comes from this center of the Blue Lake representing our physical bodies within the Oceans of time.  Here we runneth over with our love from the Sacred Pool within us all.  She our Great Spirit Mother Tends the Fire for all to feel the warmth and as we find joyous life.  Like in the eyes of a new born, we feel the Sacred Well that is full of overflowing tears of Joy.  The fruit of all her labor, tears of joy.  For the Fire she tends, to provide you light, can be full of pain and suffering.  When she sends you purity and somehow finds impure along the way, She realizes the Red Road is not easy for us, but she above all knows the law of love. She longs for the days, when she send warriors to assist us, will be pureness all the way, when the light (body) of the heart (soul), becomes
the Spirit of the Lake! The "Lakota" represent the Spirit of the Lake and the "Taos" represents the Blue Lake.  These two nations shall lead the world into the "Dawning"

As for Native peoples, you are ordained to be the "Keeper", if you only choose to walk the Red Road, the law of love.  I trust the Great Spirits, do you?  Look upon the Sacred Pool within, where Great Spirit Mother tends your fire of illumination.  "Fire's Light is created and managed by Water, the flowing heart of our Souls Dance Eternal"  Do your fire ceremonies every day, and bless all your relations.  This means where ever you go or think about, along the journey's path.

Our only purpose for this site, is to educate on the subject of evolution and provide the path towards the Great Migration into the "Dawning", the yellow rolling hill in time.

Welcome home my kinsmen!

your devoted servants,
White Buffalo Calf Woman 
Ptehincalaskawin "Twin Deer Mother"
Elder Crystal "christal" child "iyeshka wakan  or holy interpreter"
Reader of the Book of Life and Akicita "considers all matters of the clans customs as law"

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand
Elder Lavender "Holiness" Person "living fire of purification"

Elders Walking and caring for living Prophecy 
Spirit of the Lake,  Blue Lake and Suns of Israel "12 tribes"
and not least, those who take their place in the oneness  "lambs" prophecy of rainbow warriors

You bring the story, and without the story, there is no teaching. 
I  am the interpreter, you are the teacher. 
Trust your soul, be so bold and all your dreams come true.