Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

This event, Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight is held each Saturday. Soul flight is natural, but we can loose our way or even get lost. This class help us travel in groups just like we do
  in the Earthly Realm, now we will travel this way in the Heavenly Realm.  And if need be I will come to your home and fly with you to get you to the group.  Each week we visit a new part of the world and purify, heal and leave sacredness behind when we depart.  We negotiate terms of understanding for further integration of the folding space all around us. Schedules are often put up the day of event MST. Our foundation for this event is our Global Prayer held each  Week Saturdays 24 hrs, Peaceful Wisdom Prayer.  Give your heart in Global Prayer too and join us ring in freedom for all.  Welcome into the Dawning!  Below is a list of recordings.  Please be intuitive, for each event is unquestionably an awesome experience of the Soul Flight of the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey.
Events can be accessed by telephone, internet or skype!

Working on it, the recordings are about 1hr.15 min. Upload sound files into movies which seem more manageable than uploading sound files even ogg.  Soon