Stone River

“The Gathering Stone” Great Grandmother gave me a stone. Bright as day it shone. In a voice made old by timeless wisdom she said; “It is a gift from our Mother Earth. Keep this stone always, and you will never be alone. Many before you have touched upon this stone. Leaving a part of their Spirit within. Life will come and life will go, but just as the stone our Spirit’s will be forever,”
Sings Relative Billy Simmons Sr. "Rock"
Osiyo tsilugi (Cherokee-Hello Welcome) to the “Rock”
where we are all Earth brothers and Earth sisters live.
White Buffalo Calf Woman, “The Gathering Stone”. It is a true song of a family tradition that began with my Cherokee Great Grandmother’s family of passing a stone to be touched only by dearest loved ones and trusted friends. It was then carried and passed many times over by the owner until they passed it on to a loved one when the end time came near.
It will be an Honor for me to long remember for you to use this song. It was written in tribute to my Great Grand Mother, the ways of Olden Days, and the Spirits of her Stone that I now carry and pass to Loved Ones and Friends of my own.

May the Great Spirit always walk beside you and your loved ones upon the Earth Mother

"Spoken by the Green Warrior and true Spiritual Leader of the World. What has happened is the generations coincides with the returning green grass, the four sacred directions, where the embrace of the Green Grass (green warrior Rock) will unite the Rainbow Clan as one flowing river! For he is the crystalline reflection within the spiritual realm inside the house of God. And as his Great Grandmother begins to start with the beginning for the end of time to be near, only to be gifted to the Green Warrior who can complete the task of returning to the people and with this knowing of the Spiritual Realm hope is return to the hearts. This also reminds us of our Great Spirit Mother who shall lead us into the Numinous Flowing for her reign shall return law of love (red road) to all the lands, her sacred body, we call Earth. Natives know the flowing within their hearts as the Eldest Souls of the World as they have descended the most as Humans, the Red Man, who walks the Red Road, the flesh of the rolling hills across Mother Earth", says White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother.


"The stone is the Crystal structure. We each have a perfect soul and perfect body, which is often called Indigo or Crystal, but we all do not radiate these colors. We each have four sacred directions in the Rainbow Clan, often called the buffalo. And all belong to the Rainbow Clan. Ask to receive your blessings and four directions of the Rainbow colors, from your Twin Deer Mother, the Crystal person Elder. Now, this is the same stone in the sky. The same stone in the heaven. The same stone in the ground. And the same stone in our beings. These are the image of God, which we are the perfect image of creation. This is the crystalline structure with six sides, four (nakota) sacred directions and two (dakota) that go to and fro and we (lakota) are the know (evolution). Natives know this, about six directions and here. Crystals all have six sides and center. And thus, the Stone River is living, just like Mother Earth. We gather because we need each other to exist, there is no other way. And now we are colliding, as we enter the third phase of evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time, " says White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother. Aho, may your spirit fly!

Let us continue with the evolution story as we enter the third phase of evolution we awaken to our memories of the soul. This is the magical time, the time we all dreamed of for eons and eons of memories. The Golden Era, where we have perfect flesh (red road, law of love) and perfect soul (blue road, law of song) and they cross within to express the perfect dream (the yellow way or rising sun) within to share with all. And as we are all relatives with each other, because we all belong to the Rainbow Clan, whether a spirit being, we cannot see, from aliens in the heavens, or the rock on the ground, each has four sacred directions (buffalo roam), and when the Great Librarians (Suns) come to hold this mathematical treasure, all will know the perfection. The Magenta person is the Great Librarian (great caretaker). That is why this person asks the questions. And I am the Crystal person because I know the answers. But what good is a question if there is not answer? And what good is an answer if there is not question? So you see, we need each other, for the law of the fire is upon you.

You bring the story, and without the story, there is no teaching.  I am the interpreter, you are the teacher.  Trust your soul, be so bold and all your dreams come true.

And this is a difficult road, but we we all have tools and can navigate with power when you learn how to control your space within and without (daily fire ceremony).

We who are free and need some relief understand the blessing in the breeze.  Each day set yourself free, with the fire blessing (sage, incense, herbs or even gas, as any fire will do, with the blessing you imbue)  that relieves disease, the hearts of those in the breeze.

For the Magenta (great caretaker teaches), you must dance and sing at the same time.  Skip when you walk, sing when you glide and remember to unite the deep inside, for we are belonging to the to and fro, where the horizon brings the rainbow.  These are the treasures of the "rising sun", spring time in bloom.  What a display our souls, that sheds light along the way, the song of a heartbeat that knows liberty.

Talk with you soon relatives, to learn about the moon, the reflection of time that allows us to roam. The perfect reality that longs to be with thee, the God that we call, the Oneness of all time. The sacred stone river (crystalline perfection in each) does flow for us to know, that we are here to journey so fair. Billow sails we do complete, when we sail across the seas, to be with our relatives on the other shore!

your devoted servant,, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

Holiness David Running Eagle, "Seek not outside yourself. In other words don't expect White Buffalo Calf Woman to save you, but rather she will help you save yourself. She will steer you towards God, which is within! (where the wind blows, we know)"