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All my Relatives around the World,
Learn about Rainbow Colors, their wave forms or frequencies and how these affect/effect and are part of the world around us, we call the Rainbow Clan, as well as our holy robe worn upon us all call the buffalo robe or four directions in rainbow colors. 

 These parameters (folding fields, relativity, dark and light spacial fields, matters and waves, free energy and propulsion, where there is an abundance of instant healings/heelings) are part of the MATH PROOF of the Ark of the Covenant, which belongs to the Jewish Nation for perpetuity for the rest of the Rainbow Clan (who keep the ceremonies walking).  All knowledge is gifted freely to the PUBLIC from the Sioux Nation (who keep the ceremonies talking). To receive, one must become a HOLY PERSON. To be still, awakened and perceiving the unity of the heavenly blue road and the earthly red road means, creation comes from the one who reasons (bows) to LOVE and DEVOTION to the whole of all things. 

There is much to study, however learning about your sacred path means learning about your Buffalo Robe or four directions in rainbow colors. Ask and receive, then you will conceive the greatest power in your life, the mission and tools that gift your life. 

Blessings to the sacred nine streams and four holy directions with fire, water and dew. May all your dreams come true!

White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy 

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