Rainbow Warrior Training

Gifted Warrior Classes
Those who walk the Red Road, the law of love!

"When we release our consciousness
from the material confines of linear
mechanized time, living in rhythm with
the harmony of natural time, we discover
the true power of Heart, Mind, and Spirit
to be in synchronic resonance with the
forces of planetary evolution. "

Holiness Rainbow Colors
a Lavender person


Our men are our Heroes, but they are needing us (women) to teach them how to bee (living the impossible dream).  When he is acting badly, go to him and put his arms around you, and say, "You are my hero, RESCUE ME!"  Teach him that he need only put his arms around you to be the hero. Tell him to bless the space.  He simply doesn't know how to do this fundamental duty of a Warrior. (Cut off his head, and use his heart, only then do we impart, the wisdom of integration, that we do need, the HERO, who brings us to our needs.) 
When he (Warrior Down) is his worst and meanest, this is when you have to do this, unite broken hearts.  WE FIGHT for LOVE, nothing else and don't give up at all costs. Put his arms around you, and demand LOVE.  Demand, he bless the space.  Demand, that he loves you, for this is what he does know, regardless of his show.  Don't leave his flesh, until he knows the rest (arms around you, loving your heart, regardless of what is done or imparts).  Even if he hits you, even if he claims, you are the worst part of my pain.  Validate and agree with all that he says, until he is again arms around yours. Remind him, that always, you will love his heart.  Remind him, that he is not knowing what to impart.  But true love never gives up, in the mire, but struggles and fights for what is right, two hearts which ignite, the loving binding art of embracing as one heart. It is woman who brings law of LOVE into this world, not man.  Woman has all the power, remember who you are, WOMAN.  He is the Hero and not the woman please.  He is the one who defends the earth, and not thee.  The woman brings holiness, the gift of heavenly sent, the sacred heart of love, fighting for what is right, two hearts that are heard, one heart, which is right.  Validate, emasculate (deprive of strength or vigor; weaken his hate, not his warriorship who needs to defend, make him right, validate his plight, teach him what true love is, fighting to unite), but don't let your guard down, until he has his arms around you (woman), and he is without a frown (love is know between your hearts and you will feel it woman, and know when it's right). 
Then and only then, when two hearts know love, all can be solved, all can bee heard.  This is not easy, nor will it cost no pain, but in the end, we fight, to be the heart of love.  It may take years, months, then days, until finally, it will be moments clear.  Don't give up, my Woman, don't give up, but endure, how can Man know wisdom, if we don't fight to be heard.  We will fight, for love, then he will hear your pain, but not until love is again, part of his heart.  When it's all done, and his arms are around you, then you will begin to teach him, that you only need bee heard.  He need not solve anything, but listen to your pain, then he will be your defender, the Warrior who is BRAVE.