Validation the Key

Learn Validation
Using the Snake Dance (woman)
and Hoop Dance (man)

Image: Cosmic Serpent                   Artist: Marina Petro

Dark Embraces Light

Four Steps

1.Give (preparing the garden)

2. Validation (law of love, the Red Road)

3. Receive (perfection, to receive the love of another)

4. Negotiate (the way, not the law)

1. First Step is to Preparing the garden...

When the law of love happens "hearts united and listening", then and only then, can you give another any kind of information, including your opinion.  Ask your relation if they are able to listen, before speaking your heart.   The true servant of our related prepares another heart before serving the self. This is the "Cleansing and Purification" which is always first.  Practice the law of love.  Get everyone on the Red Road through "Validation", then start the negotiation process.

You see, we become another person’s pain, who is suffering.  This is the reflection of all the related.  While screaming, a person does not recognize this.  A woman can often end up taking care of both family members, when originally she was the one who needed help.  Instead of one member in crisis, their all needing your attention.  This is where trust is the only answer.  Your husband or relation, must trust you enough to listen to your heart when you tell them to “Go play the drum, for you have lost your head (intelligence is driven by the heart)!” Demand, scream, until the one who needs, carries out the law.  Speaking, "If you want to know love, play the drum and find your heart."  A woman puts order back into the home by tending the fire of purification.  Then everyone is on the right path, the way of the heart!

 Instead of trying to go back and fix it, don't worry about it. It is done.  Forgive. This is all you can do. Forgive yourself, and forgive your relation.  Remember it only takes practice.  You practiced the creation of the veil from knowledge, now you can generate spiritual access to the Soul. Practice, practice, practice Validation.  Learn to handle this in another way - hearts together first, the deliverance of love.  Prepare the heart and ask your related if they can receive now.  When they are ready, your relation is able to listen to what you have to say.  The law of love, the Red Road, creates order where chaos lived.

 There is a heavenly order within a "garden plot" we cultivate and enjoy.  We depend on the Sun, Moon and Stars.  The sanctuary enclosure "terrace garden" of love is the same.  You cannot expect the seed to grow within the darkness just because you said "grow", without tending to itYou must use the soul's embrace within the chaos, like the seedling that is enveloped in the warmth of Mother (she who tends the fire of purification, the law of love) EarthEmbrace the soul first.  Our reward is the cleansing of the tears because of our emotional heart presence.  We give and receive the "Gift of Water" the abundant overflowing.  Then the sprout begins to grow.  This is how we feed each other. These are the sacred blessings from tears of joy, the fruits of a woman's (darkness of the heavenly realm of the soul and spiritual) labor. Remember there is always room for growth which bears living fruit.   It is important to treat your loved ones like a "earth garden" that needs tending. 

The One who keeps order in the "Garden's of Heaven", our Great Great Grand Mother, the "One Before the Two".  She is the law or crowned one of heaven, the fourth crown, whom walks with three crowns from earth.  Together they bring the knowledge of the laws of love, the Red Road.  She, Great Great Mother the Ancient One, who the Native Peoples call Great Uncle is known for her warming embrace of the highest love, who leads sacred Holiness.  She, our Great Uncle, tends the sacred garden, and makes order out of chaos. This is what many envision, as does, Willed One, who is a Magenta person, the Great Librarian of the Books of Life.   In the Heavens, order is pure like a "natural spring in an oasis".  Here on Earth, we perceive chaos because we feel the powerful force of the funnel's narrowest, like a tornado or even spiraling stars around the Galaxy Yet still we are in the Green Gardens of God whom we share with all our related.  We must tend and nourish our families like the precious gardens of joy they gift to us.

It is really simple to know the way. There is "No negotiating the law", the loving heart of a woman. The law is first.  If the soul is unhappy, we feel it, yet this does not give you the right to take joy from others.  This is true theft of energy.  This type of person does not gift energy but steals it from the abundant overflowing spiritual being. It is important to teach our children and our relations, law of love is first, therefore unite the hearts first.  If there is no Negotiations about the law of love.  We first must resolve the impure darkness within you. 

The "Fire ceremony blessings" frequently with forgiveness offers you a spiritual soul bath.  This cleansing allows the love to resurface and extend and unite the hearts.  If the blessing does not work, then the 360 dance for the sacred circle dance.  And if all else fails, send the impure darkness to the drum until the heart is resolved.  Do not flee with the physical body, take flight into the soul's dance and resolve the dark space that needs love, just like our own Mothers need us to know love is the only way.

A note: All gardens have four points of reference.  This allows a circling pattern to emerge in your motion or garden activity.  Like our homes, we must do the sacred walk about, circling our homes and our hearts as we learn about purification. As our Beloved Willed One, reminds us that Spinning helps the blessings to be known in many cultures in the world. Your Soul can do this type of purification, with intentional thought as you imagine your spirit Spinning during flight down into the Earth and back up to the Heavens and again.  This undulation with blessings will offer purification to the whole area and heart of the related. 

terrace, ladder, oasis, green house, hothouse, nursery, enclosure, field, plot, garden, cultivated flowers, conservatory, cold frame, bed, back yard, patch, plot, a garden has four points of reference, platform , road, construction, along the margin of the sea, a lake or a river, roof of the a house, our door living area, deck, connecting structures.  near top of slope, to form into or furnish, spot, walled platform, terra means earth, tersa means base, ters means dry whence thirst, drainage
2. SECOND STEP  (Man) is to VALIDATE THE HEART, the sacred circle "hoop"

You cannot connect with a heart if you do not validate it. If another loses their head (with emotional outburst), then this first, must be handled.  They need to arrive (at the hearts embrace, recognizing sacredness).  In other words both hearts need to unite.  If another cannot do this, especially Lavender or Lavender overlay (living fire of holiness) they must go play the drum to arrive; to find their head again and to find the heart beat of all the related (to recognize soul self).   Then the one will be able to hear you.

Woman of the home, lets say one of the children is screaming and with all the stress, the husband starts screaming too.   You are looking for some help but everything seems out of control.  First handle the heart's pain, this is the law of love.  Demanding another, in this case the husband, to create order, because delivering one pain for another does not solve any issues.  It actually creates more chaos.  To regain peaceful relations you must reduce the pain, unite the hearts and heal the body.  Ask them to arrive, to be here.  As with Lavenders, the living fire, it is of the utmost importance to arrive, for they have the power of delivering pure love.  This realization by arriving, purifies the within.  As for the rest of us, we need true fire (sage, incense, etc.) to purify our souls.  If your relation continues to refuse, then ask if they will do a 360°, the sacred circle or "hoop dance".  What is this dance they will ask, as you ask them if they could "Leave 180°" and "Return 180°" in the sacred circle in place, the hoop. *

If they again refuse, demand they play the drum as the drum unites the heart beat', arrive or bless the related to find the heart's song (creation of heaven, the dark space) again.  Help them to recognize their behavior while you validate each word painstakingly if need be. The law of love, is first always, enforce if you have to, and say "Go play your drum" and "It's either the drum or do you want me to continue to speak law to you?".  Those who depend on you, need to learn trust.  This is the first step towards knowing the path of the Red Road. For the Lavender or Lavender overlay, which can be the Crowned family of the Rainbow Clan (belonging to the Clan, not to thyself), recognizing self when impurities are contained within them is not possible.  And they must learn to trust those who are close to them to help them recognize when they have lost their hearts, when they cannot. It becomes necessary to demand the play of the drum to return harmony and holiness to the environment.  This is a learning process to validate our feelings, the law of love, the Red Road.

*The hoop dance teaches you not to run away but to run back.  Here we are safe in the completion of the sacred circle.  The universe unfolding the gentle waves of the returning!  The green grass has come home embraced. This is especially needed by the Indigo or Indigo overlay persons, as they deliver the reflection, then often departing.  There is much misunderstanding to this knowing.  The perfect soul of the Indigo is freeing themselves with the Soul and not the Body.  The 360 "hoop" dance will offer them a true escape, from delivering the arrow of reflection. But I would like to offer others the Great Teaching of the Indigo Prophet and to recognize that each of us have the Perfect Soul.  And with this knowing, we can fly the sacred circle "hoop" and back in a moment of time. We have forgotten our Soul, the spiritual being within us,  due to the Veil we created.  To bring vision back into your lives, all we have to do is practice who we are.  Be you, perfection, the loving being that feels with a heart.  Sing joy together and gather! It's the running back which offers the wisdom of the heart, and allows application to unity, rather than separation. This is the law of love, the 360 dance!

Aho "spirit fly with all the related"


The Hopi’s practice the snake dance as a ritual to bring rain. The snake is in the water. They dance with snakes or in a snake like pattern, to bring the water. They tame the snakes by tickling them with an eagle feather to make them relax and straighten out their coiled up bodies when they are becoming aggressive.  The word Hopi is pronounced hah-pee, which means "happy" or "the breath of the spirit".

The snake curves because of the embrace of a star, fire.  A woman curves (soul darkness) embraces the action of a man (the physical light). Her heart acts in the darkness, and unseen. The woman is curved because the brightness of light the man is the fire -the star. She is the embrace. The embrace (darkness) joins with the fire (the light). When this happens this is over joy, tears flow and out burst. The well fills and overflows. It begins to pour forth tears of joy and blossoms from the fruit, the labor of her children. Pure love. Joy of their dreams. The snake is curved to bring joy, to know embrace, the unseen heart.  This is the snake.

 If they tickle, with eagle feathers,  joy is used to bring balance with tickling,  and eagle feathers brings purification. Holy union of joy.

 This is the snake. Rain, joy, burst forth. All with the law of the snake. If I have trouble in the dark space  I call upon the millions of snakes to walk with me, and law is known. Aho.

 So that is like the law of love. Love first= woman’s embrace. Heart listened to=rain=tears. Then joy. This is our fruit. Labor of love. Rain. We dance upon her heart for her love to pour forth.

3. Third Step to Receive

The Law of Love the Red Road, is not "You" over "Me".  I am right and you are wrong. Love says we are right. I want to understand you. Prepare the heart first and then you can guide others. Teach the law. The law is, "go to the drum when you lose your head".  No negotiation. I am law, the woman "knower of the dark space". You must trust me. I love you. Even if you have to scream until he does it. Demand it. It is law. Bring harmony to the home. Cleanse and know love. Then you will know peace and utopia, bliss at home; true sacredness within our families and hearts.

Woman leads the soul.  Man leads the flesh.  When law of love is not known, then law of soul, the woman is the test.  When law of love is known, then man leads the best.  He is the hero and saves the family of it's plight, when he follows the wife.

4. Fourth Step is to Negotiate the Way to the Heart.

Negotiations or talking about it is second. It is hard to do because this has been trained into us by society that we can break all the rules. We are renegades on top of the hill. Now we are learning to accept the treasure of peace, and walk into the valleys of the shadows. Only with love. No negotiation. Law first, the unification of two hearts, the law of Love. This is done by holding the physical body steadfast while the soul body flows.  The heart is free to express oneself, knowing it's Greatness belongs to the Oneness of God, the image of perfection. Here lies the secret of love, gifting your contributions and talents to all the related with joy and reverence.  Shift from pain and suffering to blessed and sacred. The path to freedom is the way home.  Each day, we forgive with the fire.  There is always someone to forgive, and set your soul flight free.  Know the vision quest and union with the Oneness, feel the spirit soar.

The order of the universe is law first. Law is love. Ask, ask, ask, ask. Do not demand. Do not FORCE yourself upon others.  This is not love.  The only thing you can force upon another is the law of love, the moral code.  This is not preparing another heart. This is not asking and therefore not ready to receive the "fires light" of freedom of the Soul.

 The Hopi did not give the prophecy sooner, because the world was not ready. You cannot give something to someone if they are not ready.  You need to prepare the heart first.  This is the soul, the soul that flies, not stays still and listens. We do not negotiate law. We follow the law first (uniting two hearts, hug). Then we negotiate how to get to the law. The law of love, the red road. Rather than timing or patience, it is order, not chaos, we . This is perfection. Law is first. Prepare the heart. Ask, ask, ask.

Fourth STEP is to NEGOTIATE the way to the Heart!

Compiled by Willed One Whispering Silence, your Storm's Embrace, Librarian, the Magenta Person
Written by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, Interpreter, the Crystal Person
Edited by Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, Holiness, the Lavender Person